Horse and Carriage in Vienna

This has to be one of my all time favourite shots of Vienna. When we first travelled there it was in the middle of winter. While it was cold outside, it was also very peaceful. We were staying in the heart of the city and every morning we would be awoken by the gentle sounds of horse hooves on the cobblestone streets outside.

On one particularly cold day we had wrapped up well and were down in one of the squares near where we were staying. All the horse and carriages were gathering there as they headed into the palace. I caught this scene in the corner of my eye and managed to capture it before it was gone. I loved the fact that the passengers were peaking out from inside the cab of the carriage.

Nikon D700 28–300mm Lens. Print Available Here.

Napoleon Statue in Vienna

One of my favourite shots from my travels in the Austrian capital of Vienna is this one of Napoleon’s statue in the gardens in front of one of the Palaces there. It’s a pretty simple photo but I like it. It was winter when I was there, but there was a beautiful clear sky, and the dynamic pose of the stature against the crisp blue sky creates a nice dramatic image. Vienna is a beautiful city filled with art and statues and everywhere you look there’s something beautiful looking back at you.

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